Immerse Your Family in the Book of Mormon


It's never too early to start teaching your children about the Book of Mormon. With books, movies, puzzles, and dolls, your children will learn how to be obedient like Sariah, brave like Abinadi, helpful like Ammon, and strong like Nephi.

Book of Mormon Videos

See the Book of Mormon come to life like never before in this series of short videos depicting stories and sacred teachings of the keystone of our religion. These videos will help you more fully understand the truths taught in the Book of Mormon and strengthen your testimony of its divine origins.

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My Book of Mormon Friends

This book helps bring Book of Mormon characters to life for young children who are just getting to know their stories and examples.

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Girls Who Choose God

This groundbreaking book shares well-known stories alongside others about strong women in the Book of Mormon. Come to better know and love Sariah, the heroic daughters from the land Zeniff, Nephi's wife, the maidservant spy, and other women from the Book of Mormon who chose God with all their might. 

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Plush Abish

Although they lived hundreds of years ago, influential people from the Book of Mormon are just like you! They lived in families, played, and worked hard. Young ones won't be able to resist playing with these adorable plush dolls. Perfect for cuddling or acting out your favorite scripture story!

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The Book of Mormon, Children's Journal Edition

This children's journal edition of the Book of Mormon can help with your child's daily study and journaling efforts. This edition features extra-wide unlined margins for easy journaling, drawing, and note-taking as well as specially-designed, colorful stickers to help mark important verses and stories.

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Stripling Warrior Action Figure

The 2,000 Stripling Warriors "...were exceedingly valiant for courage." Use this action figure to help your children really get into this story of faith.

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The Book of Mormon for Young Readers

Would you love for your children and grandchildren to get more out of reading the scriptures? The Book of Mormon for Young Readers presents key scripture stories in an abridged, creative, and engaging format designed to make it easy for children to understand and love the scriptures!

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Nephi Puzzle

The Book of Mormon is full of great examples—ordinary people living in extraordinary ways. This puzzle is perfect to keep small hands occupied and quiet while learning about people from the Book of Mormon. Each puzzle has nine pieces and comes in a cardboard tray.

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The Book of Mormon Family Reader

The Book of Mormon Family Reader will help your family discover and discuss the eternal doctrine found in the Book of Mormon, drawing you closer together as a family and closer to Christ. This new abridged format suited for every age and stage of life makes meaningful scripture study an attainable goal for every family.

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Book of Mormon Activity Book Jr.

Book of Mormon Activity Book Jr. is a great resource for parents of children from 5 to 7. Help your young ones learn more about the Book of Mormon through fun activities like word searches, matching games, spot-the-difference puzzles, and mazes.

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