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In India and Brazil, multimillion dollar Church donations aid COVID-19 relief


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church has aided more than 1,000 relief projects in over 150 countries and territories.

And that response continued with two donations announced this week to countries that have been majorly affected by the pandemic, India and Brazil.

In India, the Church donated oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and other medical equipment totaling $4.15 million, as reported by Newsroom (India).

“Our hearts reach out to all those who are suffering and to the frontline medical workers who are dedicating their lives to fight this battle with everyone,” said Elder John Gutty, the Church’s Area Seventy for India. “We hope the Church’s contribution can provide some relief to them during this critical time.”

Additionally, the Church’s $20 million dollar donation to COVAX will help provide 2 billion vaccines to people in low- and middle-income countries, including India, according to Deseret News.

“The $20 million donation from Latter-day Saint Charities has been transformational,” Emily Brouwer, managing director of the Northwest Region of UNICEF USA, said in a statement provided to the Deseret News. “As COVAX is the only program in the world that provides access to COVID-19 vaccines in low- and middle-income countries, the importance of their support cannot be overstated.”

Read more about how the Church is aiding with COVID-19 relief in India at Newsroom (India) and Deseret News.

In Brazil, the Church is donating $5.8 million in oxygen to hospitals and enough food for 1 million Brazilians, as reported by Newsroom.

“It is undoubtedly a very welcome help,” said Salvadoran Mayor Bruno Reis. “We have done everything to bring food to the table of people who are in need, and such help is very significant.”

In total, the Church will donate more than 320,000 food baskets to Brazil. Read more about the Church’s COVID-19 relief efforts in Brazil at Newsroom.

Lead image: From left to right: Municipal Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Works Luiz Carlos de Souza, Brazil Area President Adilson de Paula Parrella, Salvador Mayor Bruno Reis, Second Counselor of the Brazil Area Presidency Joni L. Koch and Bahia Federal Deputy Márcio Marinho. May, 2021. Photo from Intellectual Reserve, Inc. 
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