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Inside the Numbers: Grandpa Beck’s Games

Grandpa Beck’s Games sells nine card games: Cover Your Cookies, Reign of Dragoness, Cover Your Assets, Skull King, The Bears and the Bees, Gnoming A Round, Nuts about Mutts, Cover Your Kingdom, and Antiquity Quest.
Tell the Birds

Read these fun facts about the Becks and their successful card game company.

3/6/23: Date that Cover Your Cookies launched in Crumbl Cookies stores nationwide

4.9: Number of stars Cover Your Assets has on Amazon with over 14,500 ratings

8–99: Age recommendation for Skull King players (according to the game box)

9: Number of languages the card games are available in

13: Beck family members illustrated as characters in Grandpa Beck’s Games

42: Years since Brent proposed to Tauni through a Scrabble game

50-200: Messages Brent receives weekly from consumers (his personal phone number is included in all of the company’s games)

52: Brent’s age when Grandpa Beck’s Games was formed as a company

116: “Clanning Creatures” in the Cover Your Kingdom game (including Pigxies, Uniquehorns, and LepreCon Men)

2 million +: number of games Grandpa Beck’s Games has sold worldwide

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