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Inside the Numbers: Tara Bench and NYC Food

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Photo by Ty Mecham

Tara Bench is a food journalist living amid the energy and diverse cuisine of New York City. Here are a few facts about her career in food in the Big Apple.

  • 1,600: Pizzerias in NYC (Tara recommends Patsy’s Pizzeria and Motorino
  • 5,760: Recipes Tara has developed, including during her time working for Martha Stewart
  • 245+: Recipes published between Tara’s two cookbooks (Live Life Deliciously and Delicious Gatherings)
  • 10,650: Christmas cookies Tara has baked professionally
  • 100: Thanksgiving turkeys Tara has cooked professionally
  • 57: Kitchen knives Tara owns
  • 32: Rubber scrapers Tara has in her kitchen (and she’ll use all of them on busy days)
  • 200+: Pounds of butter Tara uses in her cooking each year
  • 5’ 2’’: Tara’s height, which inspired her nickname “Tara Teaspoon,” since she wasn’t quite tall enough to be a tablespoon (“Tara Teaspoon” later became the name of Tara’s popular food blog)
  • 27,000+: Restaurants in NYC (it would take Tara about 74 years to try them all if she ate at one per day)
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