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'Irish Times' Feature: LDS Man Stands for Word of Wisdom


Eric Davis landed on his feet when he first arrived in Ireland. The software company where he works organised a penthouse apartment in central Dublin for him, and within a couple of hours of stepping on to Irish soil he had already made friends.

He grew up in a Mormon household and was eager to reach out to the small community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ireland before moving halfway across the globe for work.

“There’s a Facebook page for young people so I wrote on it saying this is where I’m living and asking which church I should go to. I landed on the Sunday morning, dropped my suitcase at my apartment and went straight to church.”

On his first day in Ireland he met a group of young people from the Mormon church in Terenure, who automatically welcomed him into the fold.

Video still from The Irish Times
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