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January 2012 Sharing Time: Choosing Which Way

Preparation: Obtain a map that shows major cities and roads.
Presentation: Explain that agency is a gift from Heavenly Father. Agency means that we have the freedom to choose what we will do, but there are always consequences that come with our choices. A consequence is what happens because of our choice.
Show the map. Point out a starting place and an ending place on the map. Decide which road is the best one to take to get from the start to the finish. Point out a different road (that does not go to the ending place). Ask the children if taking that road helps them get where they want to go. Repeat this process with another beginning and ending location. Help the children understand that they have the freedom to take any road, but some of them won’t get them where they want to end up. These are like choices, they all have consequences, and they may or may not reach their goal depending on the choice they make.
Talk about some of the choices they might make that may or may not help them reach their goals. As you discuss each choice demonstrate the consequences by pointing to the road that reaches the goal and the one that doesn’t. Some examples may be:
1. You want to learn how to play the piano, but when it is time to practice you would rather play with your friends. Which choice will help you get to your goal?
2. You want to be worthy to attend the temple when you are older. Someone wants you to try drugs or drink alcohol, saying that using them will make you feel good. Which choice will help you get to your goal?
3. You promised your parents that you will try to get good grades. You also want to obey the commandments. During a test you are tempted to look at your neighbor’s paper for an answer.  Which choice will help you get to your goals?
4. At tithing settlement you promised the bishop that you will always pay a full tithing. You earned some money to buy a new toy. When you got to the store, the toy costs more than you thought. You could add your tithing money to what you have saved so that you will have enough to buy the toy. Which choice will help you get to your goal?
5. You set a goal to remember to say your prayers every night for three months. One night you’re very tired and get into bed before remembering to pray. Which choice will help you get to your goal?
Sing songs to help reinforce the lesson, such as: “As a Child of God,” 2012 Outline for Sharing Time;  “Choose the Right Way,” Children’s Songbook, p. 160; “Dare to Do Right,” CS, 158; “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” CS, 78; and “I Will Follow God’s Plan,” CS, 164.

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