Jeremy Goff

February 20, 2016 02:00 PM MST
After writing “8 Things Single LDS Girls Wish Boys Understood,” guys started coming out of the woodworks from my ward, former mission, as well as random people on Facebook. They all asked me, “when will you tell our side of the story?”
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November 14, 2015 03:08 PM MST
My journey of a thousand miles started in May of 2015. I was living in South Carolina working for the summer, and I was planning to visit my mission, the Manchester New Hampshire Mission, before heading back home. The plan? Drive from South Carolina to New England, but not directly. I wanted to visit all the temples I could along the way! After all, I do have a goal to visit all the temples in the USA.
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September 23, 2015 08:48 AM MDT
As a missionary serving in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission, I did not have a temple in my mission. So for two years I was content to teach others about the temple. It was awesome to see those I taught get baptized and eventually make it to the House of the Lord. However, near the end of my mission, my mission president, President Philip Stoker, challenged me to go to the temple weekly after I returned. He told me that he understood some weeks I might not be able to, but to set the goal, and strive towards it. So I did just that.
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