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July 2012 Sharing Time: Honesty

Preparation: Obtain the Family Home Evening Video Supplement (available in your meetinghouse library or from the Church Distribution Center), a TV, and a DVD player. Write the following scripture references on individual slips of paper: 2 Corinthians 8:21, Doctrine and Covenants 51:9, Ether 3:12, and Article of Faith 1:13. Familiarize yourself with these scriptures.
Presentation: Tell the children that they are going to watch a short video. Tell them you are going to ask them some questions afterwards, so they should pay close attention. Play the short clip entitled “Honesty Leads to Integrity.”
Explain to the children that integrity means being honest or doing what we know is right. At the beginning of the video Elder James E. Faust tells us that integrity comes from within ourselves. Ask them to think about what this means as you discuss what happened at the basketball game. How did the boy who touched the ball before it went out of bounds demonstrate his honesty? Why does he say he’ll be able to sleep tonight? Why is being honest more important that winning a game? Ask the children what they think Elder Faust meant. (Answers could include: They should be honest even when others won’t know if they are or not. That they should want to do what is right because it will make them feel good inside, etc.)
Ask the children if they can think of other situations that require them to be honest. Discuss their ideas or introduce your own if needed. (Examples: When doing schoolwork or taking a test.  When their mother or father asks them what happened when something is broken or one of their brothers or sisters is upset. When they are in a store and are not charged for an item, etc.)
Explain that the scriptures also teach us about honesty. Divide the children into four groups (have at least one leader or teacher in each group). Give each group one of the scripture references and ask them to read it together and discuss what it means. Give each group a minute to tell the rest of the children what they learned about honesty from their scripture.
Express your testimony of the importance of being honest.

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