Kate Lee

After a chance meeting with an inspired fellow artist, Kate modified her initial artistic direction to focus on works of inspirational watercolor. With a minimalistic style that conveys powerful family and gospel messages, Kate Lee speaks to us through her art when words are insufficient. Kate and her husband, Mike, live in Utah with their two boys and two dogs.

By  Kate Lee
September 18, 2023 07:00 AM MDT
“The Spirit was so strong as I painted. But immediately after I finished, I was overcome with shame and embarrassment.”
3 Min Read
By  Kate Lee
August 09, 2023 06:00 AM MDT
“Your light is needed. The adversary wants you to believe that you have nothing to offer. The world is always in our faces, telling us that we will never measure up, but this could not be further from the truth.“
4 Min Read