Kathryn Sullivan (Sponsored)

April 19, 2017 04:00 AM MDT
Kathryn is the founder, owner, and designer of Kate's Camisoles—an online boutique born in 2002 from the desire to be modest while still wearing fashionable items such as sheer and lacy tops. The idea for the camisoles was born when Kathryn saw a woman in a white, somewhat sheer top that exposed all of her undergarments. When out shopping a few days later, Kathryn realized there was nothing both classy and comfortable that would also cover a woman's undergarments. Deciding she needed a camisole made of superior fabric that was lightweight and that continued to look new after multiple wears, she set out to make exactly what she wanted. She scoured Los Angeles' fabric market, testing fabrics until she found something that wouldn't shrink, that was colorfast so the die wouldn't fade or run, and was comfortable. She designed her own patterns, had her first batch of Classic Cami's produced, and launched Kate's Camisoles.
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