Kristine J. Doty-Yells, PhD

January 29, 2018 09:25 AM MST
In 2002, my oldest son returned home from his mission after only five months. I was shocked, confused, and had no idea what to do—this is not something a parent expects or prepares for. While I was wrestling with my own feelings, I also felt great compassion and sorrow for my son, who was struggling. Over time, my son adjusted to post-mission life, was sealed to a wonderful woman, started a family, and moved to another state to pursue better employment. But then, in 2010, it happened again—my youngest son returned home after four months due to anxiety. He was deeply disappointed and did not want to be released. He worked hard to get back out into the mission field only to be released again when the anxiety returned. Feeling a deep sense of failure, he fell into inactivity and moved away, hoping to escape the shame he felt.
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