KSL: At RootsTech, "Everybody Loves Raymond" Star Says She Would Choose Family Over Hollywood "Every Time"


Emmy Award-winning actress Patricia Heaton recently spoke at RootsTech, sharing why family is important to her.

Though Heaton has won three Emmys and is oft-recognized for her roles as Ray Romano’s wife on the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond or as the matriarch of the Heck family on The Middle, she says her acting career is not even close to what’s most important to her.

“In Hollywood, your fortunes come and go, and you’re only as good as your last award or your last picture, and when that's over, there’s 10,000 people trying to take your place,” she said to the over 22,000 attendees at the conference. “There’s the new flavor that comes along and you’re not it. I mean, it’s hard, and there’s a lot of rejection. But when you know you have these four little guys at home, they become the most important thing, and they become the reason why you do a lot of what you do.”

Given a choice between her career and her family, Heaton knows she'd choose her family "every time." She was grateful, she said, for the chance to do both. In fact, most of Heaton's time on Everybody Loves Raymond was spent birthing, nursing or running around after her kids.

“I remember nothing from Everybody Loves Raymond,” she joked. “When I watch (past) episodes now, I watch them to see how they’re going to end.”

Lead image from IMDb

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