Latter-day Saint Couple Create Epic 41-Minute Disney Mashup That Your Kids Will Love


Latter-day Saint music duo Scott and Ryceejo recently created a 41-minute video of their Disney mashups.

The couple from Orem, Utah, have been creating Disney mashups since 2017 with their Moana and Hercules mashup of "How Far I'll Go the Distance."

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Since then, the couple has created a number of Disney mashups and released an album of 10 Disney mashup tracks.

"The biggest feedback we get from these videos is that people love to put them on for their kids because it keeps them entertained PLUS the grown-ups actually like the music too," the couple says. "So, we decided to make it easy on them and simply make it one, long video with all of them in it. Now, they didn't have to worry about going over, finding our next video, and waiting for ads each time."

Watch the video below: 

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DISNEY Mashups Compilation (feat. "How Far I'll Go the Distance")

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