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Watch: Ukrainian Latter-day Saint shares precious food storage supplies with neighbors

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Read the First Presidency statement on the armed conflict here.

André Zinkovski is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently in Kharkov, Ukraine. And now more than ever, he is grateful for a living prophet and prophetic counsel. In more ways than one—especially now—it has been lifesaving.

“You know, guys,” he says in a video posted to his Instagram story last week, “I am extremely grateful for our Church leaders and our prophet, who constantly reminded us to do our food storage. I have that food storage, and I’m grateful that I have this ability to share the goodness with others who are less fortunate.”

Then Zinkovski pulls from his personal food storage supply some flour, water, honey, toilet paper, frozen mincemeat, medicine, toilet paper, soap, vitamins, and homemade pickled tomatoes. Through tears, he shares that he is taking these much needed supplies to his elderly neighbor who is stuck in her apartment alone.

You can watch him deliver the supplies to his neighbor in his full video below:

Since Zinkovski first shared his video on Friday, he has taken more boxes of food to more neighbors and families—one to a woman and her young daughter who is fighting a rare, life-threatening intestinal syndrome.

As he packed up and rationed out more of his food storage supplies, Zinkovski wrote, “It is unbearable to sit still and wait. My heart is aching. I could not eat, couldn’t sleep. Active shooting is right in front of my sheltered house door. Today I packed some nuts, dried fruits and berries, and homemade energy bars, granola. Preparing this to be delivered to some families tomorrow. This is the last supply, hope to get more tomorrow.”

You can see photos of his food box preparation from his Instagram below:

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