Latter-day Saint Teen Credits God After Achieving What No MLB Player Has Ever Done


“For some reason, Heavenly Father guided me here,” Danielle Gibson says of her college softball career.

Latter-day Saint teenage slugger Danielle Gibson lists a highlight on her “long ball” resume that no big leaguer (not Babe Ruth, not Bryce Harper, not even Hank Aaron) can claim: a home run cycle.

For sports fans and stats nerds, a home run cycle is a mythical, seemingly unattainable feat — the stuff of video games and cheat codes. Major League Baseball has been around for 150 years and not a single player has hit a home run cycle.

But the next time Danielle Gibson — a lifelong Church member and a University of Arkansas softball player — hits for the home run cycle, it will be a repeat performance.

For the uninformed or indifferent, a home run cycle is hitting a solo, a 2-run, and a 3-run home run, and a grand slam, all in the same game.

Story by Jason Swenson, lead image a screenshot from Church News
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