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Latter-day Saint Tyke James Makes Top 13 on "The Voice"


Looking at the teen with long blond hair standing in the middle of the lit-up stage, Adam Levine made an almost prophetic prediction.

"You could win this thing in your sleep," The Voice judge told Latter-day Saint Tyke James. 

And after the 17-year-old Latter-day Saint made it into the top 13 last night, Levine just might be right.  

James, who's lived all over the world but currently lives in Hawaii, began his music career because "I realized that music was a powerful thing that God gave to mankind," James says on the show. 

And from his blind audition of "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran, James has wowed judges with his talent. 

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"I loved your voice," Levine said. "It's hard to explain, but when you get that adrenaline rush, and I turned around and you were a freaking stud."

After joining Team Adam, James made it past the Battles, Knock Out Rounds, and slid past the Live Playoffs with his cover of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. 

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But it was a close thing. James was the very last to be picked from Team Adam to move on in the show. 

"There's more that I've got to see from this person," Levine says. "I can't leave it to the unknown. I can't say, 'What if?' I'm going to go with Tyke." 

After the show, James shared a touching post on his Facebook and Instagram pages to his teammates who didn't move on in the competition. 

"i love these guys so much❤️ u guys r amazing i’ve got my ears on u. i’m so sad to see u go u seriously inspire me so much every day. my next voice performances r ALL FOR U ❤️ love u guys SO MUCH. we r family so we will b in touch annnd ok i love you bye :,) c u soon i believe. @adamlevine u picked me man & i won’t let u down 0000017b-1772-da2f-a1fb-97773ad70000 :)cheers."

Watch NBC's The Voice to follow James's journey on the show. 

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