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LDS Charities Donates $60,000 in Medical Equipment to Help the Blind in Jamaica See


LDS Charities donated eye equipment worth more than $60,000 to the Univeristy Hospital of the West Indies to help fight the rising number of retinal disease and glaucoma patients. 

The equipment, an Iridex laser 577 patent scanning Micropulse laser & slit lamp and a Scan-Optics ophthalmic microscope with a teaching video monitor, were given to the University Hospital of the West Indies in April and help reduce the discomfort and time it takes to treat these conditions.

With the new medical equipment, the hospital will be able to increase the number of patients they treat each day, reducing the painful effects of retinal disease and glaucomas. 

The state of the art equipment also helps train residents of the hospital because they can watch surgeries on the monitor beforehand. 

Claudette James, the director of nursing at the hospital, said that the new equipment would put Jamaica in the realm of effective treatment and training and hopes their partnership with LDS Charities continues. 

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