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LDS Cold Stone Employee Harassed Online for Her Weight Gets Unexpected Support from Around the World


After reading horrible comments left on Yelp about her weight, Cold Stone employee Justine Elwood has received love and support from around the world.

One week after a negative Yelp review, Cold Stone employee Justine Elwood said support she's gotten from around the world has been overwhelming. 

Elwood loves her job and loves working with people, but one recent experience put a damper in her spirits. 

On Dec. 5, she was at work helping a mother and her children by giving them ice cream samples when the woman pulled her children aside. 

"She didn't whisper or anything. She was like, 'Yeah, if you have too much ice cream, you're going to look like her,'" Elwood said, a comment which she said, "kinda threw me off guard. It's like, I didn't really know what to say in the moment."

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