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LDS Man Donates Kidney to Former Missionary Companion 20 Years Later


"I was just like, 'He's my brother and I'm here for you if you need something from me, a kidney or whatever, it's yours,'" Branden Seare said.

Eight years ago, Maka Aulava was diagnosed with diabetes, a disease that can potentially cause many other health issues, including kidney failure. Then Aulava received a tough diagnosis in January of last year.

"They called me the next day and said, 'It's urgent you come see us,'" Aulava remembered. "(They said,) 'Your kidneys are not functioning correctly."

Aulava was diagnosed with kidney failure and faced a lengthy wait on the transplant list. Being sick gave him a lot of time to think, he said.

"Initially, (it's) just worry for my kids and my wife," Aulava said.

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