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LDS Singer & Rapper Create Brutally Real Music Video About Addiction to Help Others Fight It


From eating disorders to substance abuse to pornography, addictions are something nearly every Latter-day Saint has experienced either personally or through someone they love.

LDS artists Nadia Khristean and Colby Ferrin have decided to talk out about this reality and share the message that, no matter what mistakes we've made or how far down the path of addiction we may have traveled, we can fight our addictions with help from a higher source. In the video, they also include links to's addiction recovery resources.

On her YouTube channel, Nadia Khristean wrote this touching message:

Sometimes we are told that change isn't possible. And sometimes we actually believe it. We want to send one clear message in this video, You CAN hit undo, second chances do exist, and you CAN change.
This video is really near to my heart. I have had a lot of family members suffer through addiction and I have seen the powerful change that can be brought in anyone. I believe it's a matter of looking up and finding a strength that is beyond our own to help us stop.
The making of this video was so humbling. We had the chance to attend a few addiction recovery meetings and invite anyone who would like to share their story to be a part of this video. All the participants in this video are recovering addicts, and their stories are real. Meeting these incredible individuals was an amazing experience. I look up to them for taking the initiative to change and finding strength to do it. None of us are perfect; we are all human, so when we choose to share our story, we inspire others to become something greater. We may not know what kind of impact our story may have, but our deepest experiences could save someone's life. Don't ever be afraid to be who you are, and don't worry; we're all not perfect; we're all on the same journey to become someone better. So take a deep breath, and realize that you are more than what you may think of yourself!

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