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LDS Woman Adopts 26 Children with Special Needs


With many of their children working as service missionaries, there's no doubt the Jamesons are doing what they can to keep a strong family and help others come unto Christ.

Christie Jameson has 37 children. She adopted 35 of them, and only 11 of her children have not had special needs.

“We have 10 with Down syndrome, fetal alcohol children, children born addicted to crystal meth and addicted to heroin and physically abused children, sexually abused children, Bardet–Biedl, Sotos syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Spina Bifida, autistic and … other children that have just been neglected and were not in a good placement when they came,” Jameson said.

Jameson said she always wanted a large family. When she was 11 or 12 years old, she read a book called Angel Unaware: A Touching Story of Love and Loss” by Dale Evans Rogers. The author had a child with Down syndrome who passed away.

“And she talked about holding her little baby in her arms, and how she would look up into the corner and start to smile and point, and she said she knew her baby was talking to angels,” Jameson said. “And I guess I always wanted children who were able to talk to angels, and I got them.”

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