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Let the Sun Shine on Your Preparedness Plan


You’ve made your list, checked and double-checked. Legumes and flour. Rice and grains. Water. Fuel…hold on, wait a minute. Enough gas to run a generator for a year? A year’s supply of propane? How much is that? How much can I store safely (and legally)? It may be time to let the sun shine on your preparedness plan – with a SolavoreTM Sport solar oven. Use your propane for rainy days and let the sun do the work on the rest.

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Not sure if the Solavore Sport is right for your family?  Some “fuel” for thought:

  • The Sport’s 2 3-qt pot capacity feeds a family of 8-10.
  • Lightweight and stable.  Weighing less than half that of its closest competitor, yet it doesn’t tip over in the wind.
  • Efficient, reliable, no babysitting required.  Dinner doesn’t burn or dry out, even when left unattended all day.
  • Safe.  1” surround insulation keeps the heat on the inside.  Little hands don’t get burned, and passing clouds don’t halt cooking.
  • Versatile:  Bake, slow-cook, even dehydrate. 
  • Healthy:  Food cooks slowly, without boiling.  No vitamins leached away.  And you’ll be rewarded with moist, tender, intense flavors.
  • Drinking water:  pasteurize water with the WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator) included
  • 100% fuel-free.  The only fuel ever required is sunshine. 
  • Helping others:  3 billion people still cook over open fires, indoors.  When you buy a Solavore Sport you help put out a cooking fire, one oven at a time.  Now that could be the most important reason of all to choose the Solavore Sport.
  • Still not sure?  Order by December 15 for Christmas delivery and get Solavore’s rugged 600D double-pull zippered carrying case FREE.  Click here, and use promo code LDSL at checkout for 10% off!

The Solavore Sport solar oven comes ready to cook right out of the box, complete with two 10-inch GraniteWare pots, Solavore’s TR-86 High Performance Reflector, thermometer, water pasteurization indicator (WAPI), Getting Started Guide.  All you add is sun.  Free shipping.  
Still not sure? Read more on, or check out the helpful videos on

Whatever you do, think fast, and take advantage of this holiday deal – a Solavore Sport Solar Oven and Reflector package plus free Stow-or-Go Carrying Case, and 10% off.  That’s a $327 value for just $253 (you save $74).   Great savings on a great gift - for your family or for Uncle-Joe-who-has-everything!

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