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‘Liahona’ article offers tips on being more empathetic in talking about less-active Church members


An article in the April 2021 issue of the Liahona offers tips on how to be more sensitive when talking about less active Latter-day Saints.

Written from the perspective of a member whose father was less active, the author explains times when her feelings were hurt due to the way Latter-day Saints carelessly discussed less-active members. She offered some suggestions on how members can be more supportive. Here’s a look at three of those tips:

  1. Avoid using us/them language and speaking negatively of less-active members as we don’t know all the circumstances which caused them to stop believing or participating.
  2. Look out for ways to reword comments so they do not exclude members who have less-active loved ones. For instance, this could be applicable when asking a Young Women class to explain how having a father with the priesthood has influenced their lives. Instead, asking how the priesthood has influenced their lives could be more inclusive.
  3. When responding to someone who has less-active family members, offer heartfelt understanding and try not to minimize their experience.

Read more tips on being empathetic toward those who are no longer active in the Church at the Liahona.

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