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Life lessons from a ‘luscious-haired’ baby and other adorable kids on leaders’ social media this week

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President Bonnie H. Cordon and President Camille N. Johnson each posted heartfelt thoughts to social media this week about the children in their lives.

On Sunday, President Cordon of the Young Women General Presidency wrote about Baby Henry, a “luscious-haired” blonde newborn whose older brother is struggling to learn how to share his mom with the newest addition to the family.

According to the post, the youngster is learning that “Baby Henry needs him, specifically him”—a lesson we can all learn from.

“We are all going to encounter personalities we might bristle a bit at, but what if those individuals were seen as being sent from heaven because they need us, specifically us?” the post continues. “Would we change the way we feel and act?”

On Monday, President Johnson of the Primary General Presidency posted a picture of her beaming granddaughter, hefting a large plastic bowl full of treasures: a pacifier, toys, and a Frozen lunchbox.

She compared the youngster’s “bowl of treasures” to the natural inclination we feel to gather, including gathering Israel. She wrote, “This is gathering Israel—helping those around us feel God’s love for them and helping them know they belong.”

“I hope my granddaughter and her bowl of treasures helps you remember to look for ways to gather your treasures—to help and love those around you—this week,” she concluded.

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