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#LightTheWorld Campaign Aids Local Charities: Find Out How Your Efforts Benefited Those in Need


Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in last year’s Church fundraiser, #LightTheWorld, to provide aid to those in need. Through the “Giving Machines” and donations, Latter-day Saints distributed more than $6.3 million dollars to different charities around the globe.

Church Newsroom reported on the global efforts that will receive support from donations. 

Not only were people around the world helped but those that participated in the #LightTheWorld campaign made significant impacts on local charities and communities. 

Salt Lake City 

In the greater Salt Lake City area, several organizations received “additional funding to help them provide further assistance to the specific demographics they serve,” as reported by Church Newsroom. 

The recipients included Utah Refugee Connection, Eye Care 4 Kids, Neighborhood House, and the Utah Food Bank. 

The Utah Refugee Connection supports local refugees as they transition to a new community by providing English educational courses and other resources. The campaign donated $124,000 to the charity to assist in their efforts. 


The charity Eye Care 4 Kids provides children in need with professional eye care and eyewear. Eye Care 4 Kids received $183,450 in donations. These donations will be used to fund eyeglasses, eye contacts, vision screening, and other vision aids.  


The Utah Food Bank provides groceries to individuals and families in need. Church Newsroom reported that the Utah Food Bank received a monetary donation that will provide over a million meals. 

Manila, Philippines

Donations from Latter-day Saints in the Philippines supported the HERO Foundation, UNICEF Philippines, and Caritas Manila. 

The charity partner the HERO Foundation provides scholarship assistance to children of deceased army and military members. 


Church Newsroom also reported UNICEF Philippines and Caritas Manila received monetary support. These donations will be used to support those in disaster areas. 

Denver, Colorado 

In Denver, Colorado, several organizations, including Black Child Development Institute, Mile High Ministries, and the Rose Andom Center, received support through the donation of over 25,000 items equivalent to more than $660,000. 

The Black Child Development Institute helps to improve black children’s lives through education. Mile High Ministries is an organization that assists those in difficult economic circumstances. The Rose Andom Center assists victims of domestic violence. 



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