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Lindsey Stirling Featured on Larry King, Shares Hilariously Embarrassing Story


Last week, Lindsey Stirling was featured on Larry King Now where she talked her explosive rise to fame and success, her faith, her new best-selling novel, as well as a few anecdotes that were fairly hilarious.

For instance, did you know how her new memoir got the unusual name, The Only Pirate at the Party? Well, I guess it isn't only a metaphor. "I've always had sort of a fascination with pirates--you know, their costuming and get up and their search for treasure," Stirling shared. "But there's an actual story of when I first moved to L.A. and there was this Peter Pan themed party."

Having just completed a pirate-themed music video of her own, Stirling had the perfect outfit for the occasion. But she showed up in her "full pirate get up" only to find no one else was in costume. Embarrassment ensued, as well as the dilemma whether she should stay or leave.

"I remember looking down and thinking, 'This is such a metaphor of my life, so I just went in and I was the only pirate at the party."

Check out the full interview below:

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