Listen: How a Prompting to Turn the Car Around Was the Answer to This Man's Unspoken Prayer


It was something Lindsey saw almost every day as she drove in and out of her neighborhood: An elderly man sitting in his wheelchair under a tree at a nursing home. 

In the past, Lindsey had tried to see if any family members or a nurse were nearby on the nursing home grounds visiting with the elderly man. But no one else was ever around. 

"Every time I saw him, it just pulled at my heartstrings," Lindsey shares in an episode of the This Is the Gospel podcast. "He always seemed to be sitting under that tree all alone."

Then, one day, as Lindsey was turning the corner near the nursing home on the way to pick up her husband, she saw the familiar scene and her heart started pounding. Though she was late, she found herself diverting from her planned route. 

"It was almost as if the car had taken control of the wheel and turned me around to pull me into this parking lot," Lindsey explains. 

Not having a clue what she was going to say to this man or why she even felt so compelled today of all days to visit him, Lindsey pulled up right in front of him. Keenly aware that approaching strangers was far out of her comfort zone, Lindsey rolled down her window and saw this man up close for the first time. 

"He had lines on his face indicating a very hard life," she says. "He had tattoos up and down both arms and his eyes gave me this look. I couldn't put my finger on it but was the look of someone needing to be rescued."

Listen to the podcast episode below or click here to read the rest of Lindsey's story. 

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