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Designed for Connection with Jenet Erickson

Tue Sep 05 05:00:09 EDT 2023

Have you ever described someone, or given a compliment that someone is fiercely independent? What if we switch that idea around? Not doing it all on your own doesn’t mean you’re failing. In times of feeling alone and overwhelmed, it can be helpful to remember that God meant us to have deep and personal connections with others. We were never meant to have to do everything on our own.

We are designed for deep relationships.
Jenet Erickson

Today’s guest, Jenet Erickson, has said that because of our divine heritage, we’re designed for connection with God and with each other, not for the independence society sometimes celebrates.

Top Takeaways from this episode

  1. Our culture is suffering profoundly because we have focused on radical independence when we should be focusing on radical dependence and reliance on our connections.
  2. Relationships aren’t everything in this life, they are the only thing that truly matters.
  3. When we think about the healthy balance of being independent, we should be focusing on the capacity we have to care for ourselves and not find self worth in what others think of us or what they can do for us.
  4. Covenants that we make with God can be what determine our relationship with Him and help us feel His love.
  5. Perfection is not possible, but intimacy is.

Small & Simple Challenge

Be still long enough to let go of all the fears that I have so that the Lord can hold you. Learn to find ways to trust the Lord this week and get to know Him every day.