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Finding the Courage to Live Different with Lisa Valentine Clark

Tue Sep 26 05:00:20 EDT 2023

It might be more comfortable to try to blend in, but when we find the confidence to live differently than what’s popular, we find deeper trust in God and more joy in our personal identity. So how do we do it? Part of our Magnify Manifesto this year is to LIVE DIFFERENT. Perhaps instead of trying to stand out or isolate ourselves from others, we follow the Prophet's counsel to live distinct and different in happy ways by following the Savior.

When you kneel down and are pleading for specific help from Heavenly Father, you have to show up your full self, because there is no fooling the Lord.
Lisa Valentine Clark

Joining this episode is friend of the pod, Lisa Valentine Clark. Lisa talks about how she finds the courage and confidence to live different and what that means to her in the context of the gospel.

Top Takeaways from this episode

  • Just like we learn in 1 Corinthians, we need all parts of the body of Christ. We should celebrate that we all contribute different and wonderful things to the gospel.
  • It can be important to check in and ask ourselves what it means to live differently from the world. We can find the courage and confidence to live the gospel everyday.
  • Being different isn’t comparing ourselves and trying to stand out from others, but it’s choosing the Savior’s way.
  • We can embrace our differences in good ways and look at them as our strengths.
  • Showing up our authentic self, even when we don’t want to do the right thing, will give us more power in personal revelation.

Small & Simple Challenge

As we look forward to general conference this week, look for ways where the Lord is speaking to you in personal and different ways that will be different from others.