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The Family Game Plan with Brooke Walker

Tue Oct 24 05:00:26 EDT 2023

Do you know that feeling where you feel like you have tunnel vision? Where it’s hard to see the forest for the trees? It can be a debilitating feeling to not have an idea of the big picture when it comes to our eternal families, so how do we remind ourselves to see our lives through the “overview” lens?

Hard is not hopeless. It will all work out better than we thought.
Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker joins this episode of the Magnify podcast where she shares three spiritual insights from Sister Tamara Runia’s October 2023 General Conference address “Seeing God’s Family Through the Overview Lens.”

Brooke’s Three Spiritual Reminders

  • Our family is a team, and God is the coach
    • We are placed in family combinations to help each other grow and learn to complement one another. Brooke believes that in families, strengths and weaknesses complete. Sometimes we might not feel like our role is important, but like a basketball team, each player has different strengths that complete the team.
  • It’s our job to beckon
    • When we think of the story of Lehi’s dream and the tree, we sometimes might forget that it’s our job to stay at the tree and to beckon others to come be a part of it. To show others that eating the fruit is a happy thing. There are these moments that Brooke calls “in-between service” where we can show that we are beckoning even in unexpected times.
  • Home is heaven, heaven is home
    • As we cultivate family cultures here on earth, Sister Runia shares an important message that perhaps we will feel that the next life is familiar because of the homes we have created here on earth. Are we making our homes heavenly? Even if we have homes that look different than the ideal, we can zoom out and remember that we have time.

Small & Simple Challenge

Look for moments that you can provide that “in-between service” to family and friends. Look for a chance to show up in a purposeful and meaningful, but an unexpected way.