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Marie Osmond Shares Touching Testimony of the Savior After Her Nephew's Unexpected Death


Troy Osmond, Marie and Donny Osmond's 33-year-old nephew, passed away in his sleep at his parents' home in Utah on Nov. 9.  

There were no signs of foul play, and Troy's death was believed to be "medical or health-related." As Marie shared in her Facebook post, Troy "had struggled with illness since he was nine years old and those trials caused him a great deal of pain his whole life." 

After his son unexpectedly passed away, Merrill Osmond, Troy's father, shared a touching Facebook post about his son and the testimony that he would see his son again one day. 

"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts we have to announce our precious son, Troy Dean, passed away earlier today," Merrill shared on Facebook. "As a family our hearts are broken but we are comforted in the knowledge we will meet again. This is part of Heavenly Fathers plan for Troy. We will always remember him as the sensitive, caring and talented boy who brought so much happiness to all who knew him."

After Troy's funeral, Marie, who lost a son to suicide, shared her testimony of the Savior and how God can comfort us during even the most tragic times in our lives. 

"As I stood next to my brother Merrill at his youngest sons funeral, I tried my best to comfort and share in his pain. I know that feeling of utter despair, praying to wake up from a horrible nightmare and not being able to breathe. I remember that seemingly impossible task to continue on—I had to for my other children, but I didn’t know how. As time went by, I discovered the only way possible to survive this terrible time was to keep my eyes on the Savior. Because of my experience, I was able to tell Merrill and my sister-in-law Mary that I knew how devastating the loss of a child was but they would be able to get through it if they kept turning their hearts to Him. This horrible day for my brother and his wife is what the Savior died for. He gave His life not just for our sins but also for our pain and suffering. The inexplicable grief they are feeling will lessen over time, I know that…because I lived it. The loss is indescribable but God can bless us with respites in between the grief if we but ask. I have always had a desire to study Gods word and I believe fervently that life goes on, both on this side and in heaven. From the learning I have done and the losses in my life, I have gleaned that one of the most important reasons the Savior appeared to so many after His death and resurrection was to show people how life indeed went on. He interacted with people, he taught them, He ate with them and He showed us through His example the continuation of life!"

Lead image from Marie Osmond's Facebook page

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