Names of Christ, building relationships, and preparation: What Church leaders shared in messages this week


Editor’s note: “This week from the pulpit” highlights recent messages by General Authorities, General Officers, and leaders of the Church.

This week, leaders from the Church have addressed several different audiences—from students at Brigham Young University campuses, to religious leaders of various faiths, to covenant-keeping sisters all over the world. Even so, their counsel is applicable to all and reminds us of our Savior’s love. It is our hope that as you read these messages that you will be inspired and motivated to follow Him in faith.

Remembering His Names

This week, Elder Ronald A. Rasband and his wife, Sister Melanie Rasband, participated in a pre-recorded devotional address for BYU–Hawaii. During Elder Rasband’s remarks, he encouraged students to draw nearer to Jesus Christ by studying His many names in the scriptures. 

He cites an example in his personal life where Christ’s names were especially poignant following the loss of his 3-year-old grandson, Paxton. After Paxton’s death, Elder Rasband’s sister created a quilt in his honor that incorporates 26 of Christ’s names from A to Z.

“The quilt reminds me of the glorious future family reunion with Paxton made possible through our Savior’s suffering, sacrifice, and Resurrection,” Elder Rasband testified during the broadcast. 

Read the full article at Church News to discover more counsel from Elder and Sister Rasband on enduring well through difficult times.

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Loving Others

On October 20, 2020, Elder Gerrit W. Gong addressed students at BYU–Idaho through a virtual devotional. During part of his remarks, he gave practical counsel for students seeking to find greater confidence and unity in their relationships with others.

To create living environments where the Spirit can dwell, Elder Gong invited students to kneel and pray with their roommates, eat together occasionally, and keep a current copy of the Ensign magazine in their apartments.

Elder Gong also offered counsel about dating and determining who to marry: “Watch what makes them laugh,” he said. “What makes someone laugh says much about who they really are. Choose someone who will help you laugh, in joyous, genuinely happy, kind and generous ways, for eternity.”

Read more about the devotional at Church News.

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At the virtual G20 Interfaith Forum, Sister Sharon Eubank discussed how faith leaders play a unique and essential role in disaster response. She highlighted the invitation from President Russell M. Nelson to participate in a worldwide fast, and how donated funds provided hundreds of thousands of meals for those in need. Sister Eubank also underscored the importance of families keeping a long-term focus when preparing for disasters:

“I refuse to discount the impact of a family saving a simple tablespoon of rice poured every evening into a soda bottle to build a small reserve or an extra can of water stashed under the table. I applaud the local communities who copy identity papers or secure a solar generator. I want every child to know the designated tree where the family is to meet if they get separated. The families and communities that do these small things build self-determination. They know if they can solve these problems, they can solve other problems, and they don’t have to necessarily wait for agencies. Will they need help? Of course. But they view themselves as actors and not victims.”

Read more of her remarks at the G20 Interfaith Forum at Church News.

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Women and Priesthood Power

As part of the “Women of Covenant” series from Church News, Sister Rebecca Mehr, a member of the Relief Society general board, shared her thoughts on how faithful women can access God’s power through covenants. 

As Sister Mehr and her husband led the West Indies Mission, she noted the repeated questions and concerns from sister missionaries such as, “Will I ever be as good at teaching the gospel as the elders are?” and “Can I really do this?”

Sister Mehr shared how she responded: “With our sister missionaries in the West Indies, we explained that their calling and setting apart by one holding priesthood keys gave them priesthood authority—permission or license—to teach the gospel. But to be effective missionaries, they needed access to God’s power, or priesthood power, which is available through covenants.”

But no matter who you are, full-time missionary or otherwise, Sister Mehr taught that God’s power is about making an impact and blessing lives. Read the full article at Church News to learn more about how women can always access God’s power to love and uplift others.

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