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National Geographic Italy Features Mormons in Stunning Photo Gallery


Thanks to Mormon Life Hacker for making us aware of this story.

As a result of the construction of the Rome Italy Temple, which is estimated to be completed in early to mid-2018, the National Geographic in Italy decided to show a little insight into the life of Latter-day Saints to help clear up misconceptions about the religion. 

In a brief write up about the LDS Church and its members in Italy, Daria Addabbo shares on National Geographic (in Italian) the amount of discipline he found among Latter-day Saints as they devoted themselves to observing their moral values. The rest of the story speaks for itself as these images cross cultural and language barriers to share a glimpse into Mormon life all Latter-day Saints can relate to.

View the full gallery here.

Family Praying Featured on National Geographic

Mormon Girl Sleeping Feature on National Geographic

Mormon Reading Scriptures Feature on National Geographic

All images from National Geographic


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