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New Video Perfectly Captures President Henry B. Eyring's General Conference Address


President Henry B. Eyring's April 2017 general conference talk inspired many, especially when it comes to the importance of family history work.

Noting the 181st anniversary of the return of the prophet Elijah to the earth, President Eyring spoke of the fulfillment of the prophecy that the hearts of the fathers would turn to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. 

"This prophecy was so important, the Savior quoted it when He visited the Americas after His resurrection," President Eyring said in his general conference talk. "And when the angel Moroni visited the prophet Joseph Smith, he too quoted the prophecy about Elijah, hearts, fathers, and children."

This incredible new video "Prophecy Fulfilled of Elijah's Return" by Messages of Christ perfectly captures this message, showing just how important family history work and temple work are to families everywhere. 

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Prophecy fulfilled of Elijah's return

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