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New Webinar Teaches Techniques for Protecting Your Family Against Pornography


As Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared pornography a public health crisis and signed a resolution that calls for increased education, prevention, and research to combat pornography—The has responded with an online webinar that teaches why a simple music download can lead to pornography and why kids do not need money or credit cards to acquire pornography. Vital information and solutions will be presented from a forensic expert that is a court appointed witness in the fight against this plague. You will learn how to detect, stop, and prevent pornography. This will be never-before-seen information, from the front lines of computer forensics, data recovery, and court cases involving pornography.

No matter one’s personal belief system, pornography is physically and mentally harmful. It changes the chemistry and physical characteristics of the human brain. Pornography can literally become a chemical addiction, much worse than any other drug. It has multiple destructive consequences and causes anger, withdrawal, murder and even suicide.

With this online webinar, you can learn viable solutions in the comfort and privacy of your home. It will be a four-week course with two-hour classes starting on September 6. Join us and learn how you can protect your family. Visit for an introductory video.

Restoring goodness and intimacy by addressing “The Counterfeit” called pornography.

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