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October LDS Living Book Club: Let's talk about mental health and polygamy

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Topics like mental health and polygamy can be intimidating or difficult to dive in to. But Deseret Book’s new Let’s Talk About series breaks down relevant and timely gospel topics for people who have sincere questions and are seeking answers.

In Let's Talk About Polygamy, author and historian Brittany Chapman Nash helps readers understand not only the facts and chronological story of polygamy but also the how and why. And Let's Talk About Religion and Mental Health is a brief introduction to this complex subject written by a professor of religion who is trained as a psychologist.

And for the month of October, we are going to dive into both of these important and insightful short booklets! The first half of the month we will read and discuss Let's Talk About Polygamy and the second half of October we’ll read Let's Talk About Religion and Mental Health together.

What This Month Holds

  • An easy-to-follow reading schedule
  • Poignant quotes and discussion of the topics addressed in the book

About LDS Living Book Club

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About the Booklet

Let's Talk about Polygamy

Historian Brittany Chapman Nash explores sensitive issues, such as how and why Joseph Smith introduced the practice, his wife Emma Hale Smith’s response to it, and the origins of the plural marriage revelation (today known as Doctrine and Covenants 132). The book also examines how polygamy evolved and affected the Saints in Utah and in the wake of anti-polygamy legislation. Though some aspects of the practice of polygamy may never be fully understood, the examples of sacrifice, conviction, and commitment to the gospel from the Saints who practiced it may help readers find understanding and reconciliation and ultimately strengthen their own faith.

About the Author


Brittany Chapman Nash

Brittany Chapman Nash is a specialist in Latter-day Saint women’s history and coedited the award-winning four-volume Women of Faith in the Latter Days series and Fearless in the Cause: Remarkable Stories of Women in Church History. Brittany worked as a historian for ten years in the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has served on committees of the Mormon History Association, Better Days 2020, and the Young Women general board.

About the Booklet

Let's Talk about Religion and Mental Health

Drawing from doctrinal teachings, scientific evidence, and examples from Church history and scripture, this book examines how individuals may experience a variety of mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. It also discusses how we can meaningfully address these concerns in our own lives and in the lives of those we love and serve. As we humbly and diligently press forward, recognizing the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ and following inspired guidance from prophets and capable counselors and physicians, we can find the answers and peace we seek.

About the Author


Daniel K. Judd

Daniel K. Judd is married to Kaye Seegmiller, and together they have four children and thirteen grandchildren. In addition to his undergraduate degree from Southern Utah University, Brother Judd has an MS in family science and a PhD in counseling psychology from Brigham Young University. He has authored and edited several books and articles in the fields of religion and mental health, marriage and family relationships, and the psychology of religion.

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