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Official Church Resources for Teaching Children About Pornography

The aMormon Message, which features a young woman sharing her emotional battle with a pornography addiction, is the latest in a long line of recent efforts the Church has made to raise awareness of and provide resources for pornography addiction. 

Two weeks ago, the Church released a family home evening lesson focused on teaching families the importance and sacredness of sexual intimacy. 

“Statistically speaking, most children will eventually be exposed to pornography,” Howard Bangerter, product manager with Welfare Services who works on the Overcoming Pornography website for the Church told LDS Church News. “If you are a parent, it can be hard to know what to do when that happens." 

In fact, recent studies have found that children as young as 7 years old are exposed to pornography, so the discussion needs to start early.

To assist parents, the Church has published several FHE lessons for families to help them safeguard their young children against this plague:

The Spirit Can Help Me Choose Good Media
The Savior Desires to Forgive and Heal the Wounds of Pornography
What Should I Do If I See Pornography?
My Body Is from God
Sexual Intimacy Is Sacred and Beautiful

"These family home evening lessons were designed help parents to talk about these things with their children," Bangerter says. "To teach them — and perhaps themselves — some of these very sacred principles and practical approaches.”

More resources for families, individuals, and leaders can be found on the Church's official website,

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