"Once I Was a Beehive" Playing at Times Square, Chicago, More Theaters Nationwide (Find Out Where)


Well friends, I owe you a big thank you. A few months ago I posted this blog “HELP CATHOLIC DAD SEE MORMON FILM,” about how you can help the nationwide expansion of the acclaimed movie Once I Was a Beehive.  And now, on October 30th, my dad will be in the theatre watching the movie near his home in Chicago (AMC RIVER EAST Theater).

Outside of Chicago, we are also expanding all over Texas, Northern California, Seattle and the Portland areas, Atlanta, and even to Times Square in NYC!

Let’s help people connect. 

We only have a few more weeks in theaters as “Beehive” spreads to different cities. I'll bring my Catholic dad, you bring your agnostic co-worker, and we can all sit around a campfire to discuss love, loss, hope, healing, Donald Trump, and those human emotions we can all relate to.

After all Christianity is not, and never was, supposed to be about exclusion.

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