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One Explanation of Commandments That Could Help You Understand God in a Completely New Way


What an insightful way of thinking of the commandments God gives His children and why. 

“There are in nature neither rewards nor punishments — there are consequences.”— Robert G. Ingersoll

If I had to select one thing that sets my adult spiritual understanding apart from the one I had as a child (i.e. until my late 30s or so) it would be that the adult me has adopted of a religious version of the decidedly non-religious writer Robert Ingersoll’s perspective above: I no longer see God as a rewarder or punisher in the sky, but as a natural force that helps us understand natural consequences.

Let me drill down a bit. One can understand most of the things we call “commandments” in two different ways: as edicts from a divine power who uses our obedience as the grounds for giving us blessings or making us suffer, or as descriptions of the way that both physical and divine nature work.

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