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One Thing Every Mormon Should Know Before Sharing the Gospel


As Latter-day Saints, we are all called to serve as missionaries in our daily lives, through our actions and words. But, in our haste to share the "good news," let's make sure we take enough time to think of those who we're sharing the gospel with first.

Here's a little bit of advice that will help us better preach the gospel and connect it to those around us.

Serving a mission can be hard…especially when you’re getting rejected at every door. But buried within the Book of Abraham is something that can help missionaries become effective in whatever culture they’ve been called to take the gospel to.

Abraham was called on a mission to the Middle Eastern, Egypt mission. Talk about a tough mission call. His job was not going to be an easy one because of the traditions of the Egyptians. If you think you have it tough before you’re getting ready to leave on your mission…just take a look at Facsimile #1 in the middle of the Pearl of Great Price and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The Lord taught Abraham personally how he could become an effective missionary to the Egyptians and Abraham wrote it down for you so that you could learn how to be an effective missionary for the people you’ve been called to serve.

Lead image from Greg Trimble.
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