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One Thing We Need to Know About God's Grace When We Feel Lonely or Unworthy


So often, we feel like we need to be worthy in order to receive the Spirit, strength, and faith to remain worthy. But that doesn't make any sense. "That idea contradicts the one truth I know without a doubt and has become a sole point in my faith; God is love. How can a God of love leave us when we’re down and lost? Well, he hasn’t, go figure."

I’ve been talking with a friend recently who has been struggling to overcome an addiction. Over our conversations, I noticed a trend in how he perceived the way Heavenly Father works with us in these situations. I feel like this idea is a lot more common than I had realized, and applies in so many different ways to every one of us. I myself have thought and felt the same way on separate occasions. We described it differently, but both of our thoughts boiled down to the same thing.

In my circumstance I was feeling alone, and missed feeling Heavenly Father’s love at that time. I described it like being trapped in a deep hole, a pit. And up at the top was Christ, reaching his hand in. Problem is, to reach His hand, I had to climb higher than I thought I was able. I was desperately trying to scramble up the wall of the pit but never making it quite far enough to get help. I felt like all the help that was provided to me to get out was waiting for me at the top. Essentially I felt like I was being told, “I’ll help you get out once you’re out”.

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