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Our 21-Day Easter Challenge: We're Wrapping Up with an Incredible Facebook Live Event


For April, LDS Living tried something unprecedented with our virtual monthly book club. This month, we focused on a book that not only offers inspiring thoughts but provides ways to help each of us draw closer to Christ during the three weeks leading up to Easter. 

Easter is one of those holidays that can be difficult to make meaningful without making things feel forced. But Emily Belle Freeman's stunning book Closer to Christ, which combines her two best-selling books Becoming His and 21 Days Closer to Christ, helps readers focus on our Savior and invite His influence into the core of their being and life. It has been amazing to see the blessings that concertedly focusing on the Savior each day has brought into our lives.

To top off this Christ-centered Easter focus, this week LDS Living has released a daily video and Instagram post to help our readers gain greater insight into this holy holidayby reexamining it through the events leading up to Jesus Christ's resurrection and through the eyes of those who witnessed it.

We were blown away by the responses we've received on social media. Thank you for all of you who have joined us for part or all of our Easter celebrations.

But we're not done yet. This Saturday we are holding a Facebook Live Q&A with Emily Belle Freemanat the Deseret Book store across from Temple Square. You can begin submitting your questions for Emily on our Instagram or through email, To attend the event in person, find more details on our Facebook events page.

Join us in celebrating our Savior and the ways we can come closer to Him this sacred season by making Easter more than just a day.

View this post on Instagram @ldslivingbookclub made a big announcement today! Find more details for this event by following the link in our profile. Leave your questions for Emily in the comments! A post shared by LDS Living (@ldsliving) on Apr 16, 2019 at 4:06pm PDT

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