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Here are the most popular sessions from RootsTech 2022

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Last weekend’s RootsTech conference was once again chock-full of informative, helpful, interesting, and inspiring messages of the power of family history.

RootsTech 2022 was 100% virtual and 100% free, but with three full days worth of content and over 1,500 sessions available to watch, it can be overwhelming to know what to watch now or which sessions might be most useful for you. To help you get started, we've complied a list below of the top trending videos from the conference, according to FamilySearch.

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The 1950 U.S. Federal Census will be released on April 1st after being under lock and key for 72 years. The census promises to unlock mysteries for families across the US as well as provide us with a peek into life in 1950. Learn what to expect from this amazing record and how you can volunteer to ensure your family members are easily found!

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As we enter 2022, we can’t help but reflect on FamilyTreeDNA’s long history since its inception in 2000. Join us as we share the story of how FamilyTreeDNA started, our recent milestones, and what we are most looking forward to in the future. Hear from some of our most valued customers as they share how they have used our DNA tests to break down their own brick walls. It’s been an exciting journey to get to where we are, and we are excited to share a bit of that with you.

Journaling made easy and fun! In this series, you will learn how to quickly capture events and your thoughts in your journal. Journaling is more than pen and paper—see what can be done in the digital age! Today’s events become tomorrow’s history. It is the little things in your life that become treasures of great interest to your heirs. The digital age has made it easy to daily record your feelings, interactions, and events in words, photos, and videos. DayOne, the leading award-winning journaling app for Apple and Android, has made journaling unbelievably easy and fun. Come and learn all the features the app has to offer from someone that’s been using the app for the last six years. This is part one of a two-part series. This part covers the three main ways of creating an entry.

Do you have a DNA brick wall and need ideas on how to bust it? This video will cover ways to overcome those walls for genetic genealogy research success.

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Hear this year's exciting announcements and the latest news from MyHeritage—straight from the people who made it all happen.

Place Takes Precedence. Local Genealogical Sources in the Library

Else Churchill, Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists in London talks about the genealogical resources made available from the Society’s library relating to the places where your ancestors come from in the United Kingdom.

At Home With German Records: FamilySearch and Ancestry, Part 1 of 2

The first in a two-part series, this class shows how to use two websites for German research: FamilySearch and Ancestry. Both websites cover extensive parts of Germany; their collections have a little overlap. This class will show you what records can be found on these websites and how to search them to find original records for your German ancestors.

At Home with German Records: Archion and Matricula, Part 2 of 2

The second in a two-part series, this class shows how to use two websites for German research: Archion and Matricula. Archion is a fantastic resource for Protestant records, while Matricula focuses mainly on Catholic records. This class will show what records can be found on these websites and how to search them to find original records for your German ancestors.

Innovators Portal | Main Stage

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The Innovators Portal is where you'll find all the latest innovative technology in the family history and genealogy industry. Each innovator will have a short (3 minute) video demonstrating their innovation. Come see all the exciting new tech this year!

FreeREG: What Is It and How to Use It

A look at the FreeREG project and search engine, an in-progress transcription project to make the parish registers of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and Ireland, available free on the Internet.

DNA Upload: How to Transfer Your Autosomal DNA Data

If you have tested autosomal DNA at a company other than FamilyTreeDNA, you may be able to transfer your raw data to our database. Here's a brief look at the process.

Elder and Sister Soares Keynote: Family Discovery Day

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Join Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Rosana Soares, as they revisit their beautiful homeland of Brazil. Listen as they share the stories of their childhood and speak to the power of discovery.

What's New On FamilySearch for Members

Presentation demonstrates the new features that have recently been added to for Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What can we find in the 1921 England and Wales Census

This session aims to contextualise the 1921 England and Wales Census, which was the first census after World War I. The 1931 Census was destroyed in a fire and there wasn’t a Census taken in 1941 because of World War II, so there won’t be another Census revealed until 2051.

You can see the full schedule of events and search for on-demand sessions on here.

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