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Photos: Temple Grounds Flood After Major Storms in Texas, Temple Remains Miraculously Untouched


Deadly flooding in Houston, Texas, has killed at least five and caused the evacuation of hundreds of people while leaving thousands of homes without power.

Severe thunderstorms dropped at least 240 billion gallons of rain fell on Houston throughout Monday, and storms are expected to continue throughout Tuesday, according to CNN.

Folks we cannot stress enough..stay home — HPOU (@HPOUTX) April 18, 2016

In the midst of these violent storms, the Houston Texas Temple has miraculously remained untouched by the flooding, though water is lapping around the temple grounds.

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In a post on Facebook, Friends of Houston Texas South Stakereported that the temple is "high and dry." In fact, it said this storm might not even be the most severe the temple has weathered. In the past, flood waters have reached the front doors to the ancillary building, according to the post.

Despite the temple being safe, it has been closed on Tuesday, April 19 due to flooding on the roads to keep temple patrons and workers safe. 

In addition, they posted a letter from the temple presidency, saying the temple is safely 8 feet above the water line. Here are more photos along with the presidency's message:

Lead image by Robert Boyd. For more stunning temple photography from Robert Boyd, check out His Holy House.


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