Pianist Garth Smith Releases Touching “O Holy Night” Video


Pianist Garth Smith has gained popularity among music listeners for his sensitive and moving original arrangements of LDS hymns. He now lends his signature reverent style to the Christmas classic “O Holy Night” in a newly released video.


Released publicly on November 9, 2015, this “O Holy Night” video delivers a thoughtful and worshipful rendition of the Christmas favorite.  The video features Garth performing his original piano arrangement in a beautiful Christmas home setting. Magnificent still pictures from “The Nativity” video (released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) help tell the story of the birth of Christ.

Garth explains the motivation behind this new video:

“My wish was to provide a new ‘O Holy Night’ version with a twist on the classic meters, at the same time maintaining the reverential and worshipful nature of the original music. I envision someone, late on Christmas Eve, putting the last present under the tree, relaxing on the couch, looking at the lights – just taking in the spirit of the moment while listening to this piece. My hope is to inspire a peaceful and spiritual connection to the REAL reason behind the Christmas season…the celebration of the birth of the Savior on that holiest of nights.”

Click here to listen to what we hope is your new favorite version of this wonderful Christmas classic, “O Holy Night":

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O Holy Night - Original Arrangement by Garth Smith

Purchase “O Holy Night” sheet music and MP3 digital downloads by clicking the screen at the end of the video, or by going to Garth’s official website

Still pictures © By Intellectual Reserve, Inc., used by permission


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