Piano Guys Release Phenomenal 8-Cello Music Video, Talk About Exclusive Content on New Site


Playing one cello is hard enough, but to play eight different cellos in one song? That's phenomenal.

Steven Sharp Nelson does just that as he shows his impressive skills as a musician by playing eight cells on a sound loop in one epic futuristic video, "CeLLOOPa."

And at the end of the music video, Nelson shares the release of The Piano Guys' new website TPG Livingroom

Nelson says the new website offers members exclusive, private content they've been saving for years, along with master lessons in songwriting, recording, and music videos. 

Check out this epic new video below:

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CeLLOOPa - Original tune with 8 Cellos and a LOOP PEDAL! The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys have become a YouTube sensation with their clever and inspiring takes on popular music and creative videos that accompany them. From Beethoven to Adele, their eclectic mix of classical, film score, rock, and pop favorites resonate with audiences across generations and from all walks of life.


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