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POPSUGAR Shares Article on Modest Wedding Dresses, Highlights Several Mormons


We recently noticed an article on POPSUGAR titled 25 Photos That Will Convince You to Go Modest on Your Wedding Day. We loved finding an article promoting more modest wedding dresses, and were even more excited to find that several Latter-day Saints made it into the mix with their modest temple wedding dresses. Can you spot them? We sure could! Here are just a few we noticed.

Disclaimer: If you follow the link, please be aware that not all the dresses on the POPSUGAR site meet LDS standards of modesty, though all have sleeves and high necklines.

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A short sleeve and a trumpet silhouette make quite the pretty pairing.

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Bonus: if you opt for long sleeves, you won't have to worry about shivering in the wind.

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Does this not scream "princess" to you?!

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