Potterpalooza and Pioneer Trek: The Power of Stories for Building Communities

I recently had the opportunity to do something I’ve never done before and may never do again: attend the midnight screening of a popular film, opening night. See, my sister somehow won two tickets to an event called “Potterpalooza” at a local theater. As you can probably guess, this was basically a big pre-screening party for the latest and last installment in the Harry Potter franchise. However, my sister had to go to her ward’s Girls’ Camp (as an advisor) and couldn’t make it. Her husband, while not particularly a Potter fan, decided to go and invited me because we basically enjoy doing anything together, and he couldn’t think of anyone else who would want the tickets more. So the two of us ended up meeting at Jordan Commons in Sandy, UT around 11:00 that night (we couldn’t make it earlier) for the big event.

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