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Preach My Gospel FHE: Lesson 3

Chapter 6, Part 1: Faith in Jesus Christ, Patience, Hope

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For an additional resource, use this Family Home Evening Outline for Developing Christlike Attributesfrom Elder Lynn G. Robbins.

Challenge: Think of a difficulty you have sharing the gospel. Pray for a missionary opportunity and trust that the Lord will answer your prayers.

Songs: “Be Still, My Soul” (Hymns, no. 124), “Faith” (CS, no. 96)

Lesson: Look at the “Attribute Activity” on page 126 of Preach My Gospel. Fill out the sections for Faith, Patience, and Hope. Identify of items you can work on and use in your member missionary work as you discuss the following:

Faith: (Alma 32:21) “Faith in Jesus Christ is more than just believing that He is the Son of God. It means you accept Him as your Savior and are obedient to His commandments. It means trusting Him and having confidence in repentance and your identity as a child of God. Faith is a feeling that will cause you to act, to do good deeds in the lives of others and listen to the Spirit as you try to help build the faith of those around you.” 

Patience: (Alma 17:11) “What does this scripture teach us about patience in missionary work? When we patiently endure the trials we are given and trust in the Lord, we are examples to those around us also facing trails and are better able to reach out and sympathize with others.”

Hope: (Ether 12:4) “Similar to faith, hope says that you trust the Lord to fulfill his promises. According to Ether, hope comes as a result of faith and encourages us to keep our side of the covenants we have made with the Lord. As we keep these covenants, our faith becomes more deeply rooted and we are able to go forth and serve those who do not have faith, or whose hope is faded.”

Activity: Talk about how faith, patience, and hope can be used in each of the following examples:

1) You have a non-member friend who you have asked to come to church with you. You have asked several times, but they always seem to come up with an excuse why they can’t go. 

2) One of your family members made the decision to leave the Church. They still live a good life, but no longer attend church on Sundays.

3) Your friend’s father just passed away. Your friend is very upset about it because she doesn’t think she will see her dad again.

4) An inactive family in your ward doesn’t come to church because years ago they were offended by something the bishop said. 

5) Can you think of any other examples from your own lives?

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