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President Eyring: "God Will Strengthen You with Power Beyond Your Own" If You Do These Simple Things


We sometimes overlook the importance of the basic, simple things we can do to increase our testimony of the gospel or put them off for another time. Life just seems to get busy and sometimes we forget to make time for reading the scriptures or visiting the temple as often as we should. 

In a recent Facebook post, President Eyring invited members to do some of these simple, gospel-centered activities and promises if we do them diligently, we will see "God strengthen you with power beyond your own to overcome the evil that surrounds us."

God’s prophet on earth, President Thomas S Monson, has declared, “Today, we are encamped against the greatest array of sin, vice, and evil ever assembled before our eyes.”
Would you be surprised to learn that President Monson uttered those words 50 years ago? If we were encamped against an unprecedented array of wickedness back then, how much more so does evil threaten us today?
Satan wars against the prophets and apostles. He wars against the law of chastity and the sanctity of marriage. He wars against the family and the temple. He wars against what is good, holy, and sacred. How do we battle such a foe?
The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that Satan has power over us only to the degree that we permit him. So what can we do to be strengthened with power from God?
-Keep the Sabbath day holy and honor the priesthood. -Make and keep sacred covenants. -Work on our family history and attend the temple. -Continuously repent and plead with the Lord to be forgiven of our sins. -Pray and serve and testify and exercise faith in Jesus Christ. -Immerse ourselves in the words of the scriptures and the words of the Lord’s chosen servants.
I invite you to be diligent in doing these things. If you are, you will see God strengthen you with power beyond your own to overcome the evil that surrounds us.

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